Alexa Ruel

Alexa Ruel

Post doctoral Researcher

University of Hamburg


I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Schuck Lab at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

My main research interests include understanding how we learn and make good decisions and how these abilities change across the lifespan. I am specifically interested in how humans create and update their internal representations of cognitive tasks and why older adults seem to experience difficulties doing so. I use techniques such as EEG and fMRI in combination with behavioral measurements and computational modeling.

I completed my PhD at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Outside the lab, you will find me at the yoga studio, watercolor painting and drinking the perfect latte.

I am also a proponent of science communication. I am the Founder of Concordia’s Journal of Accessible Psychology and Co-founder of Concordia’s Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience. In 2021, I was also a Public Scholar at Concordia University.

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  • Decision-making
  • Learning
  • Cognitive Control
  • Lifespan Cognitive Development
  • Science Communication
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, 2023-present

    University of Hamburg

  • PhD in Experimental Psychology, 2018-2023

    Concordia University

  • Masters in Experimental Psychology, 2016-2018

    Concordia University

  • BA in Psychology, 2012-2016

    McGill University



R, Python, MATLAB & Javascript


Electroencephalography (EEG)

Advanced Analysis Techniques

Computational Modeling & Single Trial EEG Regressions

Main Accomplish­ments

ComSciCon Flagship Workshop 2021 Attendee
ComSciCon Flagship Workshop provides graduate students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet early career leaders in Science Communication, learn from and interact with a remarkable group of invited experts, and produce an original work communicating complex technical concepts from science and engineering to a new audience.
Public Scholar 2021-2022
Ten PhD candidates representing Concordia’s interdisciplinary diversity and excellence in research. Representing all faculties, the Scholars engage with our wider community to share the significance of their work and its impact on society.
NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship - Doctoral
The NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships – Doctoral (PGS D) program provides financial support to high-calibre scholars who are engaged in an eligible doctoral program
Virtual Summer School in Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging
Summer school on Bayesian Statistics, Calcium Imaging, Causal Inference, Deep Learning, EEG & MEG, fMRI and Machine Learning.